Monday, 10 October 2016

Working on ideas

Been working on some ideas - a simple gym room for a simple-ish dodgeball-like game, and some advanced AI coding techniques while working with the team slowly, but progressively on the completion of Fantasy Fighters and Anti AIr Strike, estimated to be complete by January -- work never stops!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

New design

Recently iv gotten a new job and been working hard on some projects and also new ideas and concepts, and in a few months, once me and my team have these projects complete, ill be doing a re-design of the site, just to give it a different look, and mostly display the Games tab a whole lot better, and make it easier for myself to upload games and make them free to download.

I might also be adding a Web element feature so you can play or try out some of the games that support it, right from the website before downloading it! - And Blueprints will soon also include many more ideas and polls/surveys to get your opinions and feedback on interesting topics, that could potentially span more ideas, games, and useful apps!

So look out for this in the next few months =)