Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Roadblocks... Dam!

Hey, so, seems like theres some issues with my first game so far, soo... New direction!

Im working on getting one of my old games cleared through with the respective collaborators, after that I am gunna being production on the second version of the game, seems like everyone loved the first one so much (thanks for that people! =)

While thats going to be a side thing, so is the current project im working on now, its close to complete, however I really want to fix the flying mechanics first, and thats going to take some time, a lot of time actually... And some other small bugs I found along the way...

Ill keep you posted with updates on my current game in progress, RC War, show you some screen shots, and take some opinions and ideas in. Currently I just want to test my skills with this project, so while I WILL release it, keep in mind, it will be updated over time, and the first version probably wont be flawless.

When the second game possibly goes through, ill keep you posted on any events that takes as well.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Let's Get This Thing Going!

Hey People!

My first game is near complete, and just in the alpha debugging stage with some friends. When its done, ill release it for exclusive beta testing before releasing it completely.

Im on the works on my second game to fill the time of boredom till then haha... Updates on that will happen closer to the end of its initial development.