Saturday, 18 July 2015

DTD (Dibbie The Developer): Projects Coming Soon Preview!

Its here! The new stuff im working on, the last project is a community-design project, meaning once I get a few bugs worked out, it'll be a long term project designed with the players help, if they so choose, or sit back and watch as it evolves and develops. If you like it, then it may just become an actual game. Its designed to be a FPS.


  1. Case your curios, the beat in the background was created by me in FL Studio 10 last year, called "Highschool". It was a fun rap beat I made to talk a little bit about my experience in highschool, but never got around to recording it, just writing the lyrics to it.

  2. Good news and bad news.

    The good news is, the majority of my projects are done, and am working on the last one, which also happens to be the most complicated, because its online (Pixel Fleet).

    The bad news is, only one game (Pixel Fleet) will be posted at the moment, though the other ones are also done. This is because the other 2 (Clipz and Combat 2) are collaborations with other developers, and I need to wait to replace all art and music, etc with their work, as soon as they have it completed. So, I cant realse them yet.

    On the flip side... I have some old games iv worked on, that I might go back and edit a slight bit, and these may be uploaded.

    Stay tooned.